•  CBSE Affiliated (10+2) Residential Cum Day Scholar School, Agra, U.P.


- Mr V.K Gupta

  Secretary, SNPS

James Watt discovered the power of steam. None or only a few around him could then envisage what tremendous change the under standing of the behaviour of steam will bring to society. learning to fly was another such event that turned the course of history these discoveries and the inventions that followed helped man in his action in how he could do things better with greater efficiency. But now we are in the middle of a revolution that is not only changing the way we do things but also the way we think. Our mission has been to prepare students to succeed in education and in life. To that end, we being with the roots and build the edifice on strong foundations.

Leveraging the well-planned CBSE curriculum with twenty first century know how, we teach students how to learn, enquire, explore and discover the joy of learning. Reading, writing, public speaking, problem solving, critical thinking and cooperative learning skills are emphasized across disciplines. In the true spirit of Swami Vivekananda's teachings we also emphasize that education with out character building would not only loopsided but could also be positively dangerous.

Parents are important partners in the learning process. We take every opportunity available to involve parents in the development of their children's progress. We also thank parents for their cooperation and trust in our institution. Outside the classroom, opportunities abound in athletics, extra curricular activities and social service. Everyone gets and opportunities to grow. And it gives me pride to state that many of our students have participated in various inter-school competitions and come out with flying colors.

In this supportive community, students learn to face the challenges confidently and gain maturity and a desire to excel. They work hard and along the way, they develop the essential qualities of good character that will make them stand in good stead in their future careers.

We are proud of the energetic ambience in our school and encourage you to explore it at your convenience by visiting the campus on any functioning day. In each child's education, a positive elementry experience is of paramount importance. We take pride in our excellent student-teacher ratios, inspiring classrooms and co-curricular oportunities. The warm welcome that awaits visitors to our school reflects the supportive and cheerful learning environment.